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Continental VDO Digital Tachographs DTCO 3.0 & 4.1

In addition to the digital tachograph DTCO VDO 3.0, which is currently the most popular in the European Union market, we also offer the latest generation of tachographs, the DTCO VDO SMART 4.1, as well as speed sensors for smart tachographs 2185 of all sizes.

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About the Vortex GPS Device

Android & IOS Application

Remote data download, archiving data from the digital tachograph, and GPS tracking
Using the RV download 4G device, automate the process of remotely downloading data from the digital tachograph and driver card. Reduce costs and optimize the use of your vehicle.
Real-time location tracking enabled through a mobile device, both on Android and iOS operating systems.
We provide our clients with professional equipment and service at the most affordable prices in the market.

RV Download 4G - remote data download, data archiving and GPS tracking of digital tachographs.

SMART 2 Tachographs – Everything For Your Tracking Business

The second generation of smart tachographs are both mandatory and beneficial. They remain fully compatible with new EU legal regulations while maintaining the current operating approach, relieving drivers of the need to adapt to new developments.

VDO DTCO SMART 2 tachographs of the second generation.

Quality Products from Top Manufacturers

We offer a complete range of tachographs and spare parts from Continental VDO. Established in 1871 this technology company provides safe, efficient, intelligent, and affordable solutions for vehicles, machinery, traffic, and transportation, as well as a wide selection of products for specialized workshops and spare parts for the independent market.

Digital Tachograph DTCO 3.0


From our selection, we highlight two Continental VDO devices for manually downloading data from driver cards and digital tachographs.
VDO DLK 4.0 Blue Key with the ability to download and archive files in a protected ddd format, and
VDO DLK 4.0 Red Key, which additionally includes integrated software for basic analysis and detection of potential violations and rest times of the driver.

VDO DLK 4.0 - manual data download from driver cards and digital tachographs.

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We are engaged in the import and distribution of globally renowned tachograph manufacturers, spare parts, and equipment. We bring modern technological solutions to the domestic market, provide education on their proper use, and selflessly offer professional and technical support to all our customers even after purchase.

Our vision has remained the same since day one – to be trusted business partners for our clients, helping them perform their jobs better and more successfully, even when facing unexpected challenges.

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