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SMART 2 Tachographs for sale.

SMART 2 Tachograph DTCO®4.1

Smart tachographs 4.1, also known as the second generation of smart tachographs, are both mandatory and benefitiall. Fully compliant with new EU legal rules, they maintain the existing operational approach, relieving drivers from adapting to new developments.

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High-Quality SMART 2 DTCO 4.1 Tachograph for Sale – Everything You Need

  • Adhering to EU Regulation 2016/799 amendments (Implementing Regulation 2021/1228)
  • Tailored for quick and easy configuration through the app
  • Standardized ITS interface for fleet management systems
  • Bluetooth-enabled control and data download
  • Automatic border crossings and vehicle position registration
  • Support for international driving and rest rules
  • Extended time for manual refill entries
  • Future-proof thanks to the statutory update function

New Features by SMART 2 Tachographs of the Second Generation

SMART 2 tachographs of the second generation are intended to improve road safety in Europe, promote fairness among carriers, and improve working conditions by incorporating the following features:

  • Automatic recording of each border crossing and vehicle position during loading and unloading in the tachograph memory
  • Compatibility with new driver cards with extended data storage capacity, which will become mandatory from the end of 2024
  • Streamlined data reading and checking via external devices through an integrated Bluetooth interface
  • The mandatory ITS interface in the second-generation tachograph transforms databases into concrete and secure business information
New features of SMART 2 tachograph.

SMART 2 DTCO 4.1 Soon Becomes an Inevitable Solution

According to the provisions of the Mobility Package, by July 2026, all commercial vehicles weighing more than 2.5 tons that carry out international transport will have to have a second-generation smart tachograph installed. This mandate aims to improve working conditions, safety, and efficiency in cross-border traffic.

SMART 2 tahograph 4.1 second generation for sale.
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