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Digitalni Tahograf DTCO®3.0.

Digital Tachograph DTCO 3.0

The Digital Tachograph DTCO 3.0 is developed to meet new requirements of the European Union market. Thanks to its new optimized design, the DTCO 3.0 is now even more powerful and consumes less energy than its predecessor.

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Powerful, yet efficient – Digital Tachograph DTCO® 3.0

  • User-friendly operation
  • Better readability even in direct sunlight
  • Faster card reading and local data download
  • Quicker vehicle settings for the driver after inserting the card
  • Configurability through a mobile application
  • Reduced energy consumption in standby mode
  • Easily readable screen even after “power-off – power on”
  • Enhanced backlighting
  • Faster information retrieval from the VDO counter
  • 50% lighter weight than the previous model

Installation and Testing

The digital tachograph must be installed, programmed, and calibrated by an authorized tachograph service. Functionality check is mandatory in the following cases:

  • Repair of the tachograph or gearbox
  • Different tire size due to replacement
  • Change in the number of electrical pulses per kilometer traveled
  • Change in the vehicle registration number
  • UTC time on the tachograph deviates by more than 20 minutes
  • Regular inspection (every 24 months)

Stay on the safe side

The DTCO® 3.0 tachograph is legally compliant and meets the legal requirements of regulation (EC) 1266/2009.

The DTCO® 3.0 digital tachograph records vehicle-related activities in its integrated mass memory, storing them for 365 days.

  • Driving, work, breaks, and rest periods of drivers and co-drivers
  • Driving or towing distance taken into account when calculating rest periods
  • Driving speed over the last 168 hours of driving
  • Distance covered since the last driver card insertion
  • Specific usage parameters, e.g. engine speed, vehicle speed, and other vehicle operating conditions
Digitalni tahograf DTCO 3.0
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